Specialists from more than 80+ fields of expertise work side-by-side at Munich Re to identify risks. Whether you specialize in mathematics, data science, computer science, IT, IoT, engineering, law or economics, we value vision, drive and diverse talents and skills.

We are invested in our people and their growth, both personally and professionally. Our corporate culture values performance and nurtures mutual respect and trust – all of which makes sharing and expanding knowledge a great experience. Our people are our competitive edge.

We believe in the power of being different

We celebrate the diverse voices of our people across the world. We design development programs, build our teams, and cultivate leaders in the spirit of an inclusive culture where every person can grow while continuing to stay true to their authentic selves. Diversity fuels innovation. When different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking come together they spark ideas. This creative force brings forth solutions that drive progress in our industry and help us answer the questions society and the world are facing today and tomorrow.

We are one of the top providers of reinsurance, primary insurance, and insurance-related risk solutions in the world

Taking on risks worldwide of every type and complexity, the Munich Re Group and its business units are active in all lines of insurance. Our consistent risk management, financial stability, and client proximity make us a much sought-after trusted business partner.

Our expertise in risk management is our strength

Innovation power, unrivalled expertise in all aspects of risk and a sound financial footing; these are the strengths Munich Re stands for when our customers face extraordinary risks.

As pioneers in risk assessment, we drive the digital transformation of the global insurance landscape, expanding products and services as new forms of risk emerge. From space rocket launches to cyberattacks to pandemics, we take care of risks while our clients take care of business.

Associate Quotes

“Innovation is an integral part of my job. I work with clients to co-create insurance products that address market needs, consider the local threat landscape, and meet regional legal and regulatory requirements.”
Kishore, PhD Cyber Risk Expert & Cyber Underwriter for Asia-Pacific & Africa

“Whether it is passion for protecting the environment, or groups for working parents, I feel a sense of pride from the contributions I am able to make to the company. Through the Employee Resource Groups and the Diversity and Inclusion initiative, I’ve felt empowered to participate with other associates that share similar interests to the community.”
Catalina, Application Developer III

“Being part of the Facultative & Corporate global community of Munich Re is a great opportunity to include an international perspective when developing my professional skills. Collaborating and sharing expertise across all of our offices in different regions allows me to deal with single risks with a global approach.”
Cristina Casualty Underwriter Spain, Madrid

“Building the Innovation & Digitalization team is a great example of how the company has given me an opportunity to not only shape my future, but also help contribute to American Modern’s and of the global Munich Re Group. This company understands how important it is for us to look ahead and lead, rather than get left behind.”
Aaron, VP - Head of Strategy & CEO Office

At Munich Re US Property & Casualty we have the following Regional ERGs:

  1. Experienced Professionals
  2. Green Team
  3. Groundbreaking Innovative Technologies
  4. Mosaic - celebrate and elevate employees of color by promoting organizational inclusion and belonging to support building relationships and professional advancement
  5. PRIDE
  6. US Administrative Professionals
  7. Veterans - Modern Heroes
  8. Women's Network
  9. Working Parents
  10. Young Professionals

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