We're using data and technology to transform the politics of public education. And we need the best people to accelerate our mission. Our open positions are listed at the bottom of this page.


Murmuration's mission to transform the politics of education is ambitious, but so too is our team. Our team includes experts and innovators in data, analytics, technology, and strategy. We are former teachers, organizers, data scientists, nonprofit executives, and political campaign veterans. We have diverse backgrounds, but the same goal


Murmuration uses a hybrid office model that allows our staff to live and work anywhere (dependent on role and team). In this hybrid environment, the NYC office serves as a central hub — a place for individuals and teams to come together to collaborate and cultivate relationships.


We believe in the power of data to inform decisions, to build deep understanding over time, and to drive actions that put our partners, and the sector as a whole, in the greatest position to succeed — cycle over cycle, year over year. We strive to continually build our knowledge and skills, and we work to drive impact by fostering growth and learning for our partners, and the sector as a whole. By following the data, we willingly abandon ideas that do not produce sufficient results and experiment with new ones that show potential. We share our analyses and findings with partners and the sector at large, so that we can all collectively become smarter and more effective.


At Murmuration, we seek a deep understanding of root causes of inequity, pursue intentional disruption of behaviors that sustain systems of power, and foster an unrelenting commitment to continuous learning. Our continuous learning requires critical self-reflection of our social identities, exploring the role of self, and drawing attention to the attitudes, beliefs, or biases that each of us carry. Through our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are better positioned to tackle the historical and political challenges that hinder educational equity.

Murmuration's commitment to equity is long term, and the reasons that motivate us to engage in this work vary. For some of us, we have experienced marginalization and exclusion, and feel a responsibility to reclaim power and repair the systems that have failed our communities. For some of us, we are learning about the systems that shape our society and create inequitable outcomes, and feel a responsibility to interrupt systemic inequities and our personal biases. In acceptance of our lived experiences and backgrounds, all of us recognize our privilege and opportunity in the education sector and want to advance equitable outcomes for children and communities across the country.

We strive to include and hold one another accountable to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in our daily work. We welcome that every person brings a unique experience and perspective to our work, and that those experiences and perspectives advance our fight for every child to have equal access to an equitable and high quality public education.