The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) delivers world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals and first responders.

Anyone who sails a U.S. ship, flies a U.S. aircraft, makes national policy decisions, fights wars, locates targets, responds to natural disasters, or even navigates with a cellphone relies on NGA.

NGA delivers world-class geospatial intelligence, or GEOINT, that provides a decisive advantage to warfighters, policymakers, intelligence professionals and first responders. Both an intelligence agency and a combat support agency, NGA fulfills the president’s national security priorities in partnership with the intelligence community and Department of Defense. For information about the NGA's mission, vision, and goals, click here.

NGA is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia and has two major locations in St. Louis and Arnold, Missouri. Hundreds of NGA employees serve on support teams at U.S. military, diplomatic and allied locations around the world.

Diversity and Inclusion

The success of NGA hinges upon its most important asset – its people. We live in a world where potential threats to our nation are constantly changing. To address such threats, NGA needs an agile workforce with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, skill sets, and talents. NGA is committed to fostering an inclusive community that values diversity of thought and a drive for innovation to better accomplish our mission.

Commitment Statement

NGA is committed to employing a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive workplace by providing equal opportunities for all of its employees and applicants for employment. NGA recognizes that diversity and inclusion is vital to accomplish its mission and to posture the agency to meet potential challenges in the future.

There is no higher priority than ensuring an inclusive environment and a connected NGA team; diversity is everybody's responsibility at NGA.

To learn more about the Intelligence Community's commitment to diversity, click here to hear from former NGA Director Letitia A. Long. To see how current members of the NGA team advocate for women in the STEM field, click here to hear from two women in NGA’s Research directorate.

Special Emphasis Program (SEP) Councils

The SEP Councils encourage the enhancement of employment and advancement opportunities for women, minorities, and people with disabilities. Additionally, SEP Councils review current policies, procedures, and practices that might present barriers to the recruitment, advancement or retention of NGA employees. Currently, NGA boasts nine (9) SEP Councils:

  • Federal Women's Program Council
  • American Indian Council
  • Asian Pacific American Council
  • Black Advisory Council
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Council
  • Hispanic Advisory Council
  • NGA Pride Council
  • People with Disabilities Council
  • Veterans Council
  • Compensation - Learn more about the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS), the management system for the Department of Defense (DoD) Intelligence Community (IC).
  • Health and Life Insurance - There are many benefits available to federal employees to ensure your health and well-being. NGA employees also benefit from other supplemental insurance options available to the Intelligence Community.
  • Paid Time Off - NGA offers employees great leave benefits, including paid Federal holidays, Annual Leave, and Sick Leave.
  • Retirement Benefits - NGA offers retirement plans that will help to ensure financial security for you and your family long after you finish your career with the agency.
  • Training and Education Opportunities - NGA is committed to improving workforce performance related to the mission through formal and informal training, education, and other learning assignments. NGA is also home to the National Geospatial-Intelligence College.
  • Work/Life Balance - NGA offers many programs that will help you strike the perfect balance between work time and personal time.

A career at NGA will not only provide you with the opportunity to serve the nation, it also allows you to grow professionally with excellent pay and benefits along the way.

* US citizenship required for all positions.


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