Olive sees health systems and their employees working harder than ever to manage essential processes. Doing more and more, with less and less – all while pursuing a mission to deliver exceptional care.

Olive’s calling is to make our industry more efficient, more affordable, and more human. She’s on a mission to revolutionize healthcare with AI.

The people behind Olive are a passionate team of innovators – every employee here is a game-changing part of transforming the future of healthcare with AI.

Olive is a hyper-growth company that hustles daily to drive our mission forward. All of our teams work together to create the best possible experiences and products for our customers.

Our Core Values
  1. Take Initiative
  2. Sometimes You’re The Captain, Sometimes You’re The Deckhand
  3. Excuses Allow For Losing
  4. Fight Above Your Weight Class
  5. Create Something Daily
  6. Pick Up The Freakin’ Phone
  7. Spend Smartly
  8. Some Are Smarter Than Others, But None Are Smarter Than All Of Us
  9. Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Accomplish Today
  10. Put The Skunk On The Table
  11. We Only Pick The Best, So Prove Us Right

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The Benefits of Working at Olive

We take the health and happiness of our employees seriously and consistently evaluate new ways to provide an amazing place to work. From retirement planning, to a wellness program designed to actively incorporate mental and physical wellness into daily interactions amongst fellow Olivians, we make sure to take care of our own.

  1. Free Healthcare
  2. Grid Stipend
  3. Unlimited PTO
  4. Lunches Provided
  5. On-Site Gym
  6. Condo in Florida
  7. Barbershop
  8. Hand-Built Arcade
  9. 401(K) Match
  10. Wellness Program

We only pick up the best, so prove us right. View our open positions below and apply to ones that interest you.


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Authenticity: Maintaining Your Identity When You’re a Minority Olive
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