PowerToFly is building the platform to propel diversity recruiting and hiring across Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing startups. Our optimized search and sourcing tools, targeted job promotions, and high visibility employer branding services reduce the time to hire hard to reach talent pools of underrepresented female engineers at a centralized and lower cost. Through the platform, companies gain full access to actively and passively build a pipeline of women in tech and across digital.

Our team is located all over the world. Yes, everyone works remotely. We value people based on results and not time spent in the office. If the current gender ratios in tech, and across most corporate pipelines, make you simmer then PowerToFly is the place for you.

We are searching for passionate, proactive people who want to solve a major problem affecting millions of women and thousands of companies. We do not believe in task zombies. We believe in people who look at our product with a critical eye, each and every day and present solutions. When you interview with us for any position, we want to know what you'd fix at PowerToFly and how.

Benefits Include:

  1. Unlimited PTO
  2. Opportunities To Work Remotely
  3. Medical, Vision, Dental Insurance
  4. 401k
  5. Equity

If that's you then check out the job descriptions below and apply.