The internet is not a safe place. The moderation of abusive and harassing content has long been propped up by keyword filters and pattern matching, but the lion’s share of this work has always fallen to humans. Today, hundreds of thousands of people review the worst content the internet has to offer. Yet even as a multi-billion dollar industry content moderation industry has emerged, millions of people are, abused, harassed, and attacked every day, across every digital platform.

At Sentropy, our mission is to make the internet safer. We’re reimagining how communities of any size can use technology to protect and improve the experiences of their users. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology and guided by our experience fighting fraud, terrorism, and human trafficking, Sentropy’s platform allows digital communities to gain quick access to data and intelligence that can enable proactive abuse detection and power content discovery to drive deeper user engagement.

Sentropy is a Series A company based in Palo Alto, CA. Our team is backed by a stable of top institutional investors, as well as founders and leaders of Reddit, Riot Games, OpenAI, Nextdoor, Twitch, Twitter, and a former head of state. We’re making the most advanced technologies easily accessible to those safeguarding the internet, and we’re looking for people that are passionate about using technology to improve our society.

Our Team

Our team has years of experience working together and developing technology to solve hard, meaningful challenges at Apple, Microsoft, Palantir, Sift, and Lattice Data. We’re on a mission to build tools that create a healthier and more inclusive online experience for everyone, and we believe a team with diverse experience has the best chance of making the internet a safer place for everyone.

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