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At Shield AI, we create the artificially intelligent systems of tomorrow that provide life-saving knowledge and visibility today. We come to work every day focused on our mission: to protect service members and innocent civilians with artificially intelligent systems. Our technology is pushing boundaries at the intersection of AI and autonomy with a relentlessness matched only by the urgency of our mission.

Shield AI is the home of Hivemind, a state of the art artificial intelligence that allows robots to see, reason about, and search the world. Our first product Nova, is a Hivemind-powered robot that autonomously searches buildings while streaming video and building maps back to the user.

For our team, no idea is too bold. We don’t ever want to stop working to make possible what looks out of reach today.

Our Team At Shield AI


Our incredible team is built of scientists, engineers and business leaders driven to make a difference. We have assembled a high performing, empathetic team of people who proudly work on fulfilling our mission and living our values. Our culture of intelligent, kind and thoughtful teammates keeps work creative, stretching, and rewarding.

At Shield AI, we invest in the creative team we’re building. We believe in hiring people ambitious in their ideas and expert in their field. And we want to push, challenge and inspire each other to reach unprecedented heights together.

We don’t believe that people’s drive to innovate, serve, contribute and learn should ever hit a boundary. And we are building a company that taps into all the potential our remarkable team brings to our mission each day.

Our team is focused on breaking ground in the areas of AI & controls, AI & planning, and AI & perception, to name only a few. And it is motivated by the knowledge that all the work we do will provide insight and information in critical moments.

We come to work each day ready to push technology’s boundaries and to support one another as we create truly magical products.

Come to Shield AI and you will never ask yourself whether your work makes a difference. You will know from the start that it does.

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