Spot allows businesses to use video to improve operations, train teams, and keep employees safe. We make it easy to see, search, share, and manage all your video footage -- on a modern AI-powered web dashboard.

From quick serve restaurants to manufacturing plants, our customers teach us new and amazing ways they use video to improve their businesses every day!

Our Culture

We take a customer-centric approach to our work. We're hyper focused on solving customer problems and making our product indispensable to businesses with physical locations. You'll often hear "Let's think customer-backwards" or "How does that serve the needs of the customer?"

We're also a curious bunch! We love learning - about one another and the world around us. Knowledge Wednesdays are chance for us to share the things we're most fascinated by with our peers.

Remote/Hybrid Work Environment

In our hybrid remote culture, you can work from anywhere. While we love to get together in our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Lehi, Utah, we spend much of our time together video conferencing or on Slack. Remote work can be tough, but our team functions across time zones through clear communication, fast iteration, and conscious awareness that we’re all in this together.

Our Values
  1. Customer-first. Always.

We’re relentlessly curious about our customer’s goals. We seek the simplest solutions to solve their problems.

  1. Own your outcomes.

We bias toward action. We move fast. We iterate. Everyone on our team is empowered to make decisions.

  1. It’s a team effort.

We help each other succeed. We’re leveraging each other’s strengths to accomplish big goals together.

“We’re building a team for the long haul. That means investing in potential and giving our people the opportunity to soar.” ~ Erika Klics, Head of Talent + People

Benefits - Live your best life

There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, travel often, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support they need.

Learn more about our benefits here.