We help tomorrow's tech leaders to land today's jobs.
SV Academy’s mission is to democratize access to the tech industry for job-seekers from diverse backgrounds—60% of our community are women, 42% are Black/Latinx, and 70% are first-generation college graduates. Since 2017, SV Academy has helped produce nearly $100M in job offers for its community. The SV Academy Tech Sales Program helps job-seekers launch careers in tech with no upfront cost to them. The program balances instructor-led live online classes and industry mentorship with an intensive experiential project at a fast-growing company. Upon completion, graduates are connected with pre-screened employers to fast-track the hiring process to begin a new, more exciting career in the tech industry.

Every month, SV graduates land jobs with an average starting full-time offer of $79K at top tech companies like InsideView, Udemy, and Gainsight. We only partner with employers who, just like us, want to build a more diverse and inclusive tech industry while also creating an impact in their client’s lives. Like InsideView, who hires Sales Development Representatives exclusively from SV Academy, and sees the role as one of the most important in their company, an entry point for future career growth.

There’s a reason that InsideView relies on SV Academy to build their team: “Our company is better for the talent from SV Academy we've brought in, our sales pipeline is STRONG, and our culture is better for having all these wonderful individuals I'm lucky enough to call colleagues,” says Jenny Strauss, HR Director, at InsideView, in a recent blog post (InsideView + SV Academy. Love at First Sight!)

Our Tech Sales program combines intensive training, real-world practice, and a year of coaching and mentorship to help jump-start your career. Our numbers speak for themselves:

  • 90% job placement rate
  • $79K average starting compensation
  • 60% of graduates promoted within the first year

Fatima Fateh (Cohort 41) shared a couple of weeks after graduation, “ I just wanna tell y’all that before SV Academy, my track record with job applications was so tragic... I literally never heard back for interviews. Now since we graduated recently, I got interviews scheduled from my top choice companies, and other companies are reaching out to ME first! I know that’s right."

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What SV Academy Has to Offer

Every month, we place over 46 professionals from diverse backgrounds in non-coding jobs in tech with an average compensation package of $79K (base and bonuses). You will get hired in a Tech Sales position and become part of a strong network and community of 700+ sales leaders. We'll help you gain all the advanced sales skills necessary to succeed. Our next program starts in May.

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