Unstoppable Domains is bringing user-controlled identity to 3 billion+ internet users by issuing domain names on the blockchain. These domains allow users to replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names, host decentralized websites, and much more.

By selling these domains direct to consumers for a one-time fee, we are making a product that will change cryptocurrency and shape the future of the decentralized web by providing users control over their identity and data.

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a more decentralized internet.

Principles & Values
  • How we Act
    1. Act Like an Owner - startups have to grow fast, so you can’t simply be “top-down.” We empower each other to take action, hold ourselves accountable for results, and use resources like they’re our own.
    2. Share Knowledge, Asynchronously Where Possible - everyone is better off for having more information. Given that we're a distributed team, it's best to share information asynchronously, whether that be celebrating our wins or openly learning from our losses. Don’t let time zones get in your way.
    3. Go Down the Rabbit Hole - we're life-long learners who aren't afraid of being beginners and exploring new ideas with gusto.
  • How we Make Decisions
    1. Embrace Autonomy - we’re a do-acracy made up of self-starters who don't believe in unnecessary hierarchy. We trust our team and believe that decisions should be made by those closest to the truth.
    2. Seek Simplicity - the simpler things are, the faster we can go. We go the extra mile to eliminate complexity and cut through the noise - for both our team and our users.
    3. Measure Impact - we're committed to metrics because we're committed to our mission. We measure things that matter, especially when we don't like the data that's reflected back at us
  • How we Win
    1. Build Community - everyone plays a part in rewriting the Web. We expect our teammates, users and partners to be our biggest supporters and toughest critics as we set out to shape the future of a free Internet.
    2. Make Bold Bets and Recover Quickly - we are agile and resilient, because this is a marathon, not a sprint. We're building the road as we go, so we expect our team to buck the status quo, take calculated risks, and openly learn from their mistakes.

Unstoppable Domains’ remote, international team is made up of a wide range of diverse experiences, languages, cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. We are proud to be an inclusive employer with team members in over 18 countries

Our small but quickly growing team is committed to expanding and investing in DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) initiatives to support our employees and communities.

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