At Xbox, our mission is to reach every gamer on the planet to play, watch, communicate, and create together. Our 16 game development studios focus on delivering great games for everyone, wherever they play—on console, PC, or mobile devices. We are responsible for developing and publishing some of the biggest game franchises in history: Age of Empires, Forza, Gears of War, Halo, Minecraft, Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Flight Simulator, State of Decay, and many more. In 2018-2019, we added nine new studios to bring a steady stream of new, exclusive games to our fans. We believe that play is the thing that unites everyone. When everyone plays, we all win.

In addition to our studios, the Xbox org includes a myriad of opportunities to impact the Xbox gaming ecosystem, including console, PC, web, and mobile devices. We deliver cutting edge OS and low-level functionality, client SDKs, creator tools, consumer experiences, and global scale cloud services to power everything. Work closely with game and content creators, and with gamers and consumers to create and grow our world.

We are looking for software engineers and technical program managers to join us! You will take end-to-end ownership for development and quality of products and services that delight customers and add strategic value to Microsoft. You will work with peers across disciplines to build robust features on a predictable schedule and at high quality. You identify technology opportunities, risks, and prototyping new techniques to create high quality player-focused games. Depending on what your skills and interests are, our team will work with you to find the role that feels like home to you!

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