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How can you create onboarding processes and create procedures that people will easily understand, regardless of their language or cultural background?

Every organization communicates using emails, text messages, notices, notes, forms, and employee manuals. Misunderstandings and errors occur when written communication is not clear or poorly written. Plain language and logical thinking are key to designing onboarding procedures and any written communication that reduces and eliminates language and cultural barriers.

Workplace Consultant, Vanya Wryter, will be joining us to talk about how to design training that improves efficiency and communication at your organization.

In this chat, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to design documents and signage to transcend cultural barriers
  • Language to simplify communication and understanding
  • The importance of plain language and logic in written communication
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Meet The Speaker

Vanya Wryter
Vanya Wryter
Workplace Consultant

Vanya is a Workplace Training Consultant who has found herself in some unusual and memorable workplaces in the name of workplace education.

After traveling to remote regions of Canada, to standing at the top of highrises still under construction, she has gathered over 10 years of experience learning about people’s jobs and designing training to improve job skills.

She has worked for startups, entrepreneurs, colleges, not-for-profits, government agencies, and various companies to improve the efficiency of training and business operations processes.