Question by Sharon
asked on 2020-04-24

I have a hypothyroid condition, which makes me dead meat in the A.M.--my brain kicks in later, especially after 3:00 P.M., when I try to catch up & get stuff done..obviously, you can't cram everything in after 3:00 also makes me a night owl..yes, I'm wired that way..I try to get bed earlier, with minor success (1-2:00 A.M., instead of 3-4:00!)...tried getting up earlier, thinking I'd be tired earlier, but I get a second wind... I'm a teacher, and can paper the walls with goals, but I don't have the energy or focus to get it done.. I do what I can, but am light years behind..also have health challenges, spend a lot of time in the bathroom! I'm on a healthy diet--sugar, gluten, & dairy that's not it..I feel best when I sleep & wake late, but it's not always practical...any suggestions? I finally stopped beating myself up about it..please don't tell me to punish myself if I don't get the goals done..I was raised that way, & it made me suicidal in high school..