Question by Candace, Marketing & PR Leader
asked on 2019-06-27

Archana, I would look for local support groups! Any therapist in your area should be able to help you locate them, but a Google search should turn up good local results as well. Sometimes you can also find them on The 7Cups app has a great anonymous Active Listener program, and it's free to use. Just log in and ask a question, and they'll select a trained listener to chat with you any time of the day. My background is with domestic violence, so I went to a women's advocacy nonprofit in my area, and they paired me with an amazing advocate for free, and we were able to just sit and talk about whatever I needed that day. It was very healing! (And another great way to find support groups, as those organizations often run some of their own.) And honestly, even just finding places on social media or forums where people are already having these conversations is helpful to me. There's a Reddit community for ptsd, as well as plenty of private Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags full of people reaching out and offering support. :)