Diversity reboot 2022
Kryss Shane, PhD, LSW, LMSW
Summit Speaker
Author and LGBT+ Educator
Diversity & Inclusion | Writer | Curriculum and Instructional Designer | Public Speaker | Consultant I have worked for 25+ years as an LGBT+ activist and use my masters degrees to fight for equality and recognition of minority groups and individuals. I am an educator, teaching at Columbia University and at Brandman University. In addition, I conduct professional lectures and trainings teaching key members of universities, agencies, and companies how to make their workplace and workforce more inclusive. I continue to actively advocate for LGBT rights on the local, state, federal, and international levels. As a writer and public speaker, I have been nominated for a national award for my work. As a public speaker, I've appeared consistently on major market radio, on national television programs, given nationally attended webinars and symposia presentations, and have spoken at national and international conferences and events throughout the nation. As a consultant, I have worked with numerous national and local brands, universities, schools, and community organizations to identify and correct outdated or non-existent policy and procedure weaknesses and to create and implement new methods of evaluating and solving existing diversity difficulties in order to minimize problems and maximize profit and employee retention. I am also a highly experienced course and program developer for education institutions and private industry. I apply instructional design models including