Diversity reboot 2022
Dr. Mandeep K.
Dr. Mandeep K. Virk-Baker PhD, MPH, MSc, RD, FAND
Summit Speaker
Founder & CEO, National Origin Alliance

Dr. Mandeep K. Virk-Baker has extensive public health research and administration experience and has served high-level state and academic leadership positions. With more than two decades leading work in public health, community nutrition, community outreach, health promotion, and as a public health scientist trained at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Dr. Virk-Baker is deeply passionate about improving public health. As the Founder and CEO of National Origin Alliance Inc, a 501C3 non-profit organization, Dr. Virk-Baker is committed to eradicating national origin discrimination via collective impact and championing diversity and inclusion, and social justice. A society where everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and succeed in their careers regardless of their place or country of origin.