Diversity reboot 2022
Marti Allen-Cummings
Summit Speaker
Drag Artist & NYC Council Candidate
Location: United States

Marti Allen-Cummings (They/Them) is an activist, community board member, gig worker and drag artist running for city council in uptown manhattan. Marti has been working in NYC for 13 years after moving to the city at age 17 to pursue a performing arts career. They know what it’s like to make it in new york living paycheck to paycheck and without insurance. For over a decade, marti has been deeply involved in the community - advocating for LGBTQIA+ Young people through the ali forney center and aiding new yorkers experiencing homelessness.

Throughout the pandemic, Marti built upon that experience to plan PPE handouts, grocery deliveries, coat drives and mutual aid efforts. During the 2016 election Cycle, Marti started organizing and Their political activism energized the community and has brought people together who are seeking progressive change in the nation’s politics. Marti currently sits on community board 9 serving the people of Upper Manhattan, and IS an advisor on the NYC Nightlife Advisory Board.