Diversity reboot 2022
Mira Stern
Summit Speaker
Equity + Impact Consultant & Antiracism Educator, Mira Stern Consulting

Mira Stern is a queer white Jew born and raised in San Francisco, who currently lives in Oakland as a settler on Chochenyo Ohlone land. Mira is a consultant and facilitator for tech companies, organizations, and school systems that are committed to developing equity strategies rooted in racial justice and community building. She is a life-long educator and advocate for justice, focusing on developing white antiracist consciousness and capacity for change. Her organizing work spans from youth development and prison abolition to reparations movements and Palestine solidarity work. Mira recently finished her Master’s work in Education & Social Justice at USF, creating a 9-part workshop series on whiteness and antiracism for white educators. She is a plant witch and committed to earth-based practices as a central component of our movements for collective liberation.