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How does PowerToFly work?

PowerToFly's mission is to fast-track economic equality by upskilling and connecting underrepresented talent to roles in highly visible sectors. That means we offer free services like live virtual events and upskilling videos to help you rise into a life-changing role at a new organization or where you work now. You can also apply directly to jobs at companies via the pages they have on PowerToFly or you can search for a role here. The majority of people find new roles on PowerToFly through virtual events that include our monthly career fairs and client-hosted events. You can always request an invitation to an event by clicking on the "request invite" link for that event.

We are open and inclusive to all. We believe that representation matters and want to help people from all backgrounds, regardless of how they identify or feel like they belong.

Tell me more about the clients you work with.

Being open and inclusive to all means we work with companies of all sizes. You’ll see us partner with Fortune 50 companies as well as some fast-growing startups committed to building diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments for underrepresented talent to thrive. We can’t guarantee our partner companies are perfect, but we can say they are committed to improving through the necessary time and training required to build workplaces that ought to be.

Read our blog to learn more about how our partner companies are evolving to create workplaces that welcome the modern and diverse workforce.

I’m not in tech. Will I find a job through PowerToFly?

Yes, absolutely! We’re working with companies to fill roles beyond tech and we’re offering programming that runs the gamut for elevating your career. Check out our Chat and Learns and you’re likely to find upskilling content for any type of career.

Do you have a position available for me now?
Does PowerToFly charge members any fees?

No, we currently don’t charge members of the community any fees for using the site or attending events. The use of the site is free and so is connecting you with our partner companies and other members of our community.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at hi@powertofly.com.

I’m not looking for a job, can I still join?

Yes! We’re a community where we value all members, even if they’re not currently searching for a new role.


Considering our mission is to lift the world through placing and keeping underrepresented people in high-visibility careers, we reach out to individuals who match open roles at companies. We know that elevating your career requires constant networking - so we do that for free and unsolicited in certain cases. Even if you are happy in your current position, we still invite people to join our events with partner companies. Showing up at these events allows you to network with hiring managers, as well as peers, who might be useful for when you do want to make a change. And if you don’t feel comfortable with that logic, consider joining an event to check out what companies in your space are sharing around their culture, products, and more. 

Because we find you on a case-by-case basis, we are happy to share specifics with you. Simply respond to the email you received asking how we found you. 

Who is allowed to attend PowerToFly’s events? Are there restrictions?

All community members are welcome to attend PowerToFly events regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require an accommodation to fully participate in one of our events, please respond to your invitation with a specific request.

Unfortunately, PowerToFly and the company it is holding an event on behalf of cannot admit outside recruiters to that particular event. 

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