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How To Manage A Remote Team & Thrive In A Remote-Friendly Culture

How To Manage A Remote Team & Thrive In A Remote-Friendly Culture

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Virtual teams are becoming the norm - which means the demand for remote managers is also on the rise. But what's the difference between managing in-person vs virtually? And how can one thrive in this new, virtual culture? Limor Bergman Gross manages a large remote team as the Director of Engineering at DigitalOcean, and is joining us for a live Q&A; to help you become a better remote manager, and employee!


Limor Bergman Gross is the Engineering Director for DigitalOcean. She was introduced to engineering in high school, and really loved the programming classes, especially the language, Pascal. After her military service she completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science and started working in her 3rd year - the rest is history. She actually did not find DigitalOcean, they found her. When she moved to the US from Israel, she had no connections, so she invested a lot of time and efforts in building her LinkedIn profile and connections. This payed off as both Digital Ocean and former employer, VMware, discovered her online!


  • If I want to build a remote team, what is the best and most effective way to ensure the hours are not being abused (saying they're working more than they really are)?

    Question by Abi on 2019-06-28
  • I am interested in moving to a new country and considering a remote job to allow that. I would love to hear your experience moving to a new country and if you think it would be a good or bad idea to do that at the same time as starting a remote position? I have had slight concerns about if it would cause a disconnect from the new place, but at the same time I don't like the idea of being tied to one place.

    Question by Roslyn on 2019-06-28
  • My department has been working remotely a few days per week for a few years. Now, the company has decided to make us all remote full-time starting in December. Any tips on how to prepare beforehand, and how to succeed after working face-to-face for 10+ years? We're all still in the same city, but will have no designated office space. Should we video chat instead of just phoning in for meetings? Occasional in-person meetings at coffeeshops? Thanks!

    Question by Meagan on 2019-06-28
  • No question. Thank you.

    Question by LEILA on 2019-06-28
  • no specific question

    Question by Lia on 2019-06-28
  • How would you recommend the home office be setup? Are face to face meetings required or does facetime /Skype work?

    Question by Shelly on 2019-06-28
  • What are some good formats for team meetings when everyone is remote? I'd love to make my meetings with my team more productive!

    Question by Polyana on 2019-06-27
  • I have no specific question.

    Question by Caroline on 2019-06-27
  • What qualities do you think hiring managers look for most in remote candidates that aren’t always required when managing onsite teams?

    Question by Nicole on 2019-06-27
  • 1. What are some tips you would give to someone who is transitioning from an in-person workplace to a remote workplace? 2. What are your thoughts on co-working spaces for remote employees?

    Question by Meagan on 2019-06-27
  • In workplaces where some employees are remote while others are in the office, the remote workers are often the first to go when layoffs come. What are some recommendations for remote employees to make sure they stay "top of mind" and visible to both their management chain and fellow team members, so that when the layoffs come, people aren't asking "so what does this person really do, anyway?" about all the remote employees?

    Question by Katrina on 2019-06-27
  • Will this be recorded? I would love to view later

    Question by Charmaine on 2019-06-27
  • My questions are covered already. Looking forward to the discussion.

    Question by Kelly on 2019-06-27
  • Do you agree/disagree that remote employees need to over-communicate to compensate for the lack of face-to-face time? What would a professional level of communication look like on a typical day?

    Question by Susan on 2019-06-27
  • No questions

    Question by Ranjani on 2019-06-27
  • How do you build community remotely while Still staying focused in online meetings?

    Question by Emily on 2019-06-27
  • Coming to learn—may branch into doing remote work.

    Question by Jess on 2019-06-27
  • What is the most important culture to instill in order to foster effective communication in remote teams?

    Question by Jen on 2019-06-27
  • Tactics for team bonding when the team is a mix of remote and in-office EEs?

    Question by Heather on 2019-06-27
  • How do you make sure to step out of the home-office? Do you schedule breaks? Any other tips?

    Question by Ella on 2019-06-27
  • Looking for potential remote work in Marketing, but besides having a good manager/CEO I want to know what does your team do to make working remotely easier for them and for you of course. How you do ensure deadlines are met, measure progress and meet goals within remote teams?

    Question by Jennifer on 2019-06-27
  • I see my question is already being addressed...Looking forward to the discussion!

    Question by Jenny on 2019-06-27
  • Is there a time of the day that ever works to get an entire global team together?

    Question by Tiffany on 2019-06-27
  • Creating a strong & open engineering culture has to be hard on a remote team - any tips for making this happen?

    Question by Anna on 2019-06-27
  • Excited about learning

    Question by Sara on 2019-06-27
  • Can you share examples of ways to reduce the feeling of isolation and increase strong bonds between coworkers?

    Question by Jessica on 2019-06-27
  • Are your team members spread across different time zones? If yes, how do you manage general team comms. Particularly things that should be communicated to everyone at the same time?

    Question by Ona on 2019-06-27
  • How do you know when it will be right time to move from being an individual contributor to management? What are the pros and cons?

    Question by Karen on 2019-06-27
  • How do I effectively manage a team remotely?

    Question by Kimberly on 2019-06-27
  • I’m currently working for a remote denialist. In fact, as a contractor I’m not even allowed a laptop for “security reasons”. However, the have an entire offshore team. Is this an illusion of them being strict or does it actually protect them?

    Question by Zsa'Mae on 2019-06-27
  • Comments about differential pay by location for employees performing same role?

    Question by Dolores on 2019-06-27
  • My team is working from home temporarily for a month. What kinds of conversations should I be having with them before this time to set expectations?

    Question by A on 2019-06-27
  • How do you maintain team communication?

    Question by Katie on 2019-06-27
  • I am targeting remote-work companies as I pivot back into professional work. Any tips, best practices, to request and engage an informational interview?

    Question by Jaime on 2019-06-27
  • How does remote payroll work...can a uk citizen work remotely for US company and how does this process work?

    Question by Shabnam on 2019-06-27
  • How do you keep remote employees engaged during remote team meetings? Tips for keeping remote sales people focused on prospecting?

    Question by Ashton on 2019-06-27
  • how do you create a company culture that embeds across a remote team?

    Question by Samantha on 2019-06-27
  • How do you keep motivation of your team, drive inclusion and collaborate on a small budget?

    Question by Stefanie on 2019-06-27
  • With employees that are both remote and in-office, what are some of the policies Digital Ocean has in place to make everyone feel involved/included in your culture?

    Question by Lucy on 2019-06-27
  • How do you successfully have difficult conversations, such as poor-performance convos or new organizational/Department changes/expectations, if you rarely have a chance to see them in-person? Also, what are some tips for fostering a ‘team’ environment when everyone works from home?

    Question by Olivia on 2019-06-27
  • Please share any tips on how someone can thrive and be successful in a first remote job.

    Question by Michelle on 2019-06-26
  • Do you have specific policies or norms that make it easier to work across time zones when everyone is remote? In particular, are there any practices that allow people to have at-work and off-work hours? Or are people expected to respond to requests/email whenever they roll in?

    Question by Beth on 2019-06-25
  • My team (pre-Series-A startup) is completely remote across different U.S. cities, about 12 people, and we use a combination of Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts for meetings and work-related conversations. (1) We've tried to have the equivalent of the "water cooler" chats that occur naturally and organically in a physical office by scheduling ~15 minute "hallway convos" via Slack calls, but they don't feel the same... any other ideas? (2) For all the nifty features of Slack, it is still mainly a text-based platform, and for the folks who simply aren't very expressive textually (you know the people who sound terse in emails and text messaging, but aren't so bad when you talk to them on the phone?) Any idea how to get around that? Other than just be patient and getting to know their "expressive textual dynamic range" better? I don't think they're the sort who appreciate a liberal use of emojis, but I've been slowly chipping away at that... (3) Ideas for specific-interest Slack-type channels that have worked well? In what context and team composition? We have a book-club channel that has occasional activities and the default #random channel that is mainly filled with my monologue...

    Question by Sharon on 2019-06-25
  • I work in a GMT+5 environment whereas my manager is in GMT-4 location. How to best utilise this time difference?

    Question by Muhammad on 2019-06-23
  • No specific questions

    Question by Alona on 2019-06-21
  • No questions.

    Question by Alexandra on 2019-06-20
  • No questions

    Question by Shreyas on 2019-06-20
  • I have an employee who works from a remote branch and often misses a lot of the information shared informally in the office. How can I ensure they are getting the same fly-by information the rest of the team is having?

    Question by Teresa on 2019-06-19
  • how do you suggest monitoring employees hours remotely?

    Question by Loredana on 2019-06-19
  • No specific questions, just excited to be a part of the conversation.

    Question by Douglas on 2019-06-19
  • Which tools/resources/apps have helped you to effectively lead and communicate with your team?

    Question by kelli on 2019-06-18
  • Continuous objective alignment is hard when managing remote teams. Often times it seems to be in good share at one point but found falling apart too late. Do you have any suggestion on how to make sure the alignment stays tight overtime?

    Question by Aaron on 2019-06-18
  • How do you build trust among team members when working with a remote team?

    Question by Julia on 2019-06-15
  • What is your opinion on using a face-to-face platform versus using a combination of online chat and email to build a sense of community and teamwork between remote team members, and their office based colleagues? In your opinion, do you think face-to-face voice interaction is a better way to keep all team members integrated as and engaged? Why? Should a mix of communication platforms be available to remote workers? What is the best way to manage an introvert, who is a solid performer, but reluctant to use face-to-face platform for communication?

    Question by Ruby on 2019-06-13
  • Managing remote employees that are good at their jobs and want to work is easy. How do you manage employees who constantly complain or need a lot of hand holding? Furthermore, how do you suggest monitoring employees hours remotely?

    Question by Barb on 2019-06-11
  • I currently eat lunch out with my coworkers several times a week. How do you suggest implementing time to just get to know coworkers when you are all remote?

    Question by Amber on 2019-06-10

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