In ‘Decoding Career Advancement’, attendees walk away inspired to own their career development and finally know how. Alli shares what she learned during her 20-year career in technology and her year-long study of career advancement. She breaks down the five skills we all need to advance, and explores how these skills can be incorporated into new behaviors. Attendees leave with new strategies to think about how to navigate their career, two methods of self-advocating ('Always On' and 'The Big Ask'), and best practices for making sure they are being recognized for their great work and seen for their impact.

Meet The Speaker

Alli Young
Alli Young

Alli Young is a Tech Entrepreneur, CEO at The Forem & x-Google Exec. She founded The Forem to unlock opportunities for women across disruptive brands and Fortune 1000 organizations and as CEO, she oversees all aspects of The Forem, including corporate training and Executive Coaching. Alli’s personal mission is to move 1M women into leadership by 2030.


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