I have always loved a challenge; and perhaps even more than a challenge—I have always loved to challenge the status quo. Joining the Marine Corps offered me both of those opportunities—to challenge myself, a non-athlete and non-conformist to become a disciplined athlete and trained warrior. Additionally, it allowed me to challenge the status quo by being in a role that was stereotypically thought of as a “man’s job.” My career in analytics—a field largely dominated by men—has been a similar experience and continues to allow me to both be challenged and to challenge my peers in a healthy way.

Meet The Speaker

Paula Davis
Paula Davis

Paula is a leader in the Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Practice for Deloitte Consulting. She is the founder of Deloitte’s Data Visualization practice and as well as it’s analytics innovation center—the Highly Immersive Visual Environment (HIVE). She is also a proud Marine Corps wartime veteran, seasoned public speaker, and mother of two awesome teenagers.


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