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30 Days to a Raise - How to Utilize End of Year Reviews to Negotiate a Promotion

30 Days to a Raise - How to Utilize End of Year Reviews to Negotiate a Promotion

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December has come and gone, and while it might feel like ages since meeting with your boss about your end of year performance review, the budget dollars have just started to roll in, which is why NOW is the perfect time to ask for a raise! NastyGap Founder, Raffi Sapire, is joining us for an exclusive Q&A on how you can utilize your end of year review to secure some extra cash in the new year, and answering all of your negotiation questions LIVE! 

You asked, she's answering:

  • How do I re-open the conversation about a raise if my review was in December? 
  • My performance review is in January - how should I be preparing? 
  • I don't think there is money on the table for my review, should I still ask? 
  • & More! 


NastyGap is a platform geared towards women that helps people navigate salary negotiations with confidence and success. Through a 3 hour workshop, participants learn the step by step framework I have used to double my own income twice in the past 4 years. From mindset, to research, to asking and handling counter-offers, the workshop empowers participants to walk away with the confidence to gracefully navigate a promotion, a raise, or a new job offer. Read testimonials here.

NastyGap was founded by Raffi Sapire, an entrepreneur and negoSHEator. She currently leads operations at a blockchain startup while helping women negotiate during lunch, weekends and evenings. Most recently, she was a venture capitalist at Blue Seed, a seed fund in Brooklyn where she launched a program to help female vc's navigate path to partner, term-sheet roundtables with female founders of seed and series A companies, and built in partnership with Foundry. She launched NastyGap after her roommate taught her how to navigate her 3rd job, prior to which she had never negotiated successfully. She realized that negotiation resources are outdated - taught by 60 year old white bald guys telling you how to "get to yes" for a mere $10,000 for an online course. She launched the platform to help 10,000 women ask for $5,000 more each by 2020, closing the wage gap by $50,000,000. Please join her on this journey!

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