Excel Masterclass: Filters & Functions Part I

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Excel Masterclass: Filters & Functions Part I
1 hours 19 minutes
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Up Your Excel Skills With This Busy Mom Who Won’t Waste Your Time (Download Now and Take the Class Anytime - Availability Runs through December 31, 2018! You will receive a separate email in your inbox with a link to the seminar after you have completed your purchase. If you would like to access all of our on-demand webinars for free, sign-up for a PowerToFly VIP membership.) Have one hour to learn everything you need to know about Excel and Google Spreadsheet filters and functions? We made this quick - yet full and valuable - course that won’t waste your time. PowerToFly’s Senior Data and Web Analyst (and mom of two) will guide you through key formulas to make the most of your data. In this masterclass, we cover both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel and the following topics: Formatting LOOKUP functions Conditional Functions (IF, etc) Sorting, TRIM Concatenate Basic statistical functions including correlation and forecast Remove duplicates from lists Merge data from several sources into a single table Calculate the correlation between variables Perform a simple linear forecast model You will receive access to webinar materials you can complete in your own time as soon as you complete payment. Once you’re done with the first Excel Masterclass, you can download: Excel Masterclass 2: Filters & Functions Continued (Coming Soon) Excel Masterclass 3: Pivot Tables (Coming Soon) Excel Masterclass 4: Reporting & Dashboards (Coming Soon) "I already know a decent amount about excel and learned some new tricks- so worth the hour! This helped me think about its uses in new ways- thank you!" - Blair