Data Pipelines & Verticals Masterclass

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Data Pipelines & Verticals Masterclass
34 minutes
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Data pipelines are an innovative tool that acts as an embedded data processing engine that runs inside your applications to filter, transform and migrate date on-the-fly. In PowerToFly's new masterclass, we will present an introductory but in depth look at this powerful. (Register now and watch the training session anytime - Availability Runs through December 31, 2018! You will receive a separate email in your inbox with a link to the seminar after you have completed your purchase.) Data Czar Priya Joseph discusses data pipelines, the latest tools for making the most out of your data, innovations on the horizon and how to launch a career in data. Priya will also share detailed examples from her own career. The seminar covers: Simplifying your pipeline Mastering big data Establishing consistency in data How data pipelines can positively effect your timelines How to convert incoming data to a common format Preparing data for analysis and visulization