How to Pitch Your Story to the Media

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How to Pitch Your Story to the Media
36 minutes
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Have a great idea for an article? Learn how to pitch your story to the media from PowerToFly’s CoFounder & President Katharine Zaleski whose writing has appeared in The New York Times, Elle, Forbes and who authored Fortune’s most popular story of 2015. (Register now and watch the training session anytime - Availability Runs through December 31, 2018!) Katharine will share her step by step process of how she goes from idea to writing to pitch to promotion including some essential “do’s and don’ts” and best practices such as the importance of timing and persistence. Katharine will also share her own sample pitches (and editor responses) on news, thought and trend pieces that were ultimately published. This seminar covers: What to pitch Who to pitch How to tailor your pitch to a publication The importance of timing and persistence Tips on writing What to look for in an editor How to follow up on a submission The best ways to promote your piece on television and beyond