As Managing Director at NOBL, an organizational culture and change consultancy, I spend my days guiding organizations and individuals through change. As you can imagine, this year has been especially volatile and has led so many organizations to question for the first time: How do we foster a healthy virtual company culture? Hint: There's more to it than virtual happy hours! In this chat, I want to answer all of your questions on what makes a healthy culture:

  • What are the hallmarks of a healthy company culture?
  • How can I make change once I know what we need to evolve?

Meet The Speaker

Jane Garza
Jane Garza

Jane Garza is the Managing Director of NOBL CA. Jane future-proofs organizations and teams by syncing company culture with business strategy. She coaches and advises world-famous organizations like Calvin Klein, Google Deepmind, and Reddit through changes big and small.


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