Time and time again I've pivoted into relatively unattainable roles for someone with my background and demographics. Each time having to overcome naysayers and my own imposter syndrome. What I've learned over the years and am still learning is how to truly lean into what you know to propel you forward in a new position or while pivoting careers.

In this chat, I want you to walk away with skills that will help you:

  • Face fears by letting go and being yourself within new roles and new teams
  • Strategically use soft skills to get the technical job you want
  • Advocate for yourself if you're looking to pivot in your career

Meet The Speaker

Nicole McMullin
Nicole McMullin

Nicole is a Senior Product Manager at Lattice, a people management software platform. She began her career in finance specifically focused on asset and investment management, before pivoting into financial technology. She was one of the first sales hires at Square, a financial services company focused on merchant services and payment processing . Nicole has made a career of successful and well-timed pivots by advocating how her successful track record and differing experiences make for a rich candidate profile. Nicole was able to secure a role in Product Management by combining her analytical skills from her work in finance with her deep knowledge of the customer experience from her time in sales. Before her latest transition back into Product, Nicole led growth for Square’s payroll product where she built the team from the ground up. Nicole has a passion for helping others navigate their careers and champions the importance of self-advocacy, which is what she is currently focused on in her role leading Product for the employee and manager experience at Lattice. She received a B.A. In Economics and a minor in Communication from the University of California, Davis.


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