Desde La República Dominicana a Nueva York: Keeping Culture Alive for My Latina Daughters

Luz Mack
Luz Mack
November 03, 2020 01:00 PM EST
November 03, 2020 01:00 PM EST

Did you know one in every five children in the U.S. comes from a Latino home? I believe these children deserve to see themselves in books, film, media, and all forms of storytelling helping to instill self-love and stimulate learning.

There are too few books, media, and content that speak to our communities. While the Latino student population is rising, they see themselves in their curriculum materials and other classroom resources.

I wanted to do something for my daughters to see both themselves and their mother’s childhood memories on the pages of a storybook. Storytelling helps to keep our culture alive, and I’m grateful to be part of a broader community of creators developing content that will inspire the future generation.

You will walk away from this chat with:

  • An understanding about how you can help your children learn to love themselves, and their cultural heritage and backgrounds
  • Tips on finding content that is representative of your family and children
  • Strategies for how to use storytelling to help your child understand your story, and build a deeper appreciation for your culture

Meet The Speaker

Luz Mack
Luz Mack

Luz is happily married and the proud mother of three beautiful children. She enjoys writing poetry, storybooks for bilingual households, and animations inspired from her childhood and everyday experiences with her family. Luz earned a Masters degree in Public Administration from Metropolitan College of New York and works as a healthcare professional in New York City.


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