We're all currently living in a time where we're craving the touch of another, the sense of belonging and desire for purpose. There is no one quick solution, but what I do know is that community can provide many of the comforts we're after. There is a virtual world filled with individuals who long for the same as what we do. I'd love the opportunity to help you see past what's in front of you and unlock a situation that you may not have stepped into before.

In today's chat, I'll be:

  • Sharing my personal experience in creating a sense of unity and belonging through diversity in communities
  • Breaking down divides and seeing each other as humans with a collection of experiences
  • The role of apparently pointless “how are you’s” in the era of coronavirus
  • Doing the activities you long to do, at a distance, and
  • Finding and knowing when it's the right community for you

Meet The Speaker

Nicolette Roses-Agoro
Nicolette Roses-Agoro

Nicolette is an international third culture kid, being from Spanish and Nigerian parents, born in London, raised in South Africa, educated in Malaysia and now back in London. She has dedicated her entire working career to community management, having a great love for understanding people, what makes them tick and learning how to build true, valuable connections. Nicolette currently heads up the Community and Brand Team at Disciple where they are focused on championing the power of community and stepping into a new movement. Outside of work, she can be found cooking her way through a multitude of recipes, creating ceramic all-in-one plates and delving into new virtual communities.


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