Being on video isn’t easy. I learned this when I did my first on-camera interview at LinkedIn (with plenty of nerves) in 2016 with no prior training — but, to my surprise, everything ended up ok! That week I did a total of 4 interviews, and I learned that the best way to improve is to dive head in. Now I’m at Prezi, where we’re focused on helping people give better virtual presentations, whether in a team meeting or on the big (virtual) stage. My hope is that you will walk away with tips that give you confidence that you can shine on video. And while it isn’t always easy, it is entirely possible for you to achieve.

In this chat, I want you to learn:

  • How to be more confident on video
  • Best practices for video meetings and conferences
  • Tips and tricks to become more visible on LinkedIn

Meet The Speaker

Lorraine K. Lee
Lorraine K. Lee
Lorraine Lee is the Managing Editor at Prezi, where she helps people give better virtual presentations. Lorraine works with Influencers and thought leaders to feature their expertise around topics including how to excel in virtual presentations, remote selling, training distributed teams, and more. Prior to Prezi, Lorraine was an editor at LinkedIn, where she created its #FemaleFounders video series and interviewed people including author Esther Wojcicki, Chelsea Clinton, and Phenomenal Woman founder Meena Harris (niece to Kamala Harris).


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