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Meet LogMeIn: Careers in Web Development, Web Marketing, SEO & More

Meet LogMeIn: Careers in Web Development, Web Marketing, SEO & More
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If you didn’t know them in 2019, you likely do now. LogMeIn’s products and solutions empower businesses big and small to work whenever, however, and from wherever.

Come meet a few of LogMeIn’s leaders and recruiters during a virtual networking event. You’ll get an inside look at the company, learn how they support women team members, and discover where you could fit in.

Explore those job opportunities.

Not job searching? We still want to see you! Join us to network and listen in for professional advice, industry insight, and career-building conversation.


  • 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT - PowerToFly Kickoff
  • 12:05 PM ET / 9:05 AM PT - Welcome & Keynote Address from Lisa Friedman, Vice President, Web & eCommerce
  • 12:15 PM ET / 9:25 AM PT - Panel Discussion Featuring:
    • Mai Torralba, Director, Production
    • Kristin Turnour, Director, Web & eCommerce
    • Ali Starrett, Director, Search Engine Optimization
    • Kate Gregorio, Manager, Web Content Strategy
  • 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT - Event Concludes

About LogMeIn: LogMeIn unlocks the potential of the modern workforce by helping businesses and employees thrive in today’s work-from-anywhere world. A pioneer in remote work, LogMeIn is one of the world’s top SaaS brands with millions of customers in over 190 countries. Our teams have built the most trusted, secure, and reliable products in remote work, including: GoToMeeting, LastPass, Rescue, and more.

About PowerToFly: PowerToFly is a women-run startup that works with companies to identify skilled professionals they’d like to network with. Over the past few years, we’ve produced 1,000+ events across the world with brands like Facebook, Slack, Microsoft, and Deloitte, which have resulted in countless hires.

About PowerToFly’s Events: All RSVP’d attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require assistance to fully participate in this event, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Meet The Speakers

Mai Torralba
Mai Torralba
Director, Production

Mai Torralba is the Director of Production at LogMeIn. She manages a web production team that instills operational efficiencies and web publishing to the company's end-to-end web/eCommerce workflow. Her role also involves tasks like leading the digital engagement transformation that creates conversion-driving chatbots for sales acquisition. Mai has been with LogMeIn for over five years, starting as the Head of Production and Senior Manager of Web Development Marketing with Citrix (before they merged with LogMeIn).

Kristin Turnour
Kristin Turnour
Director, Web & eCommerce

Kristin Turnour is the Director of Web & eCommerce at LogMeIn. She has over 15 years of eCommerce and product management experience and has worked with major companies such as Upromise (SallieMae), Staples, World Travel Holdings and CVS. Under her current leadership, the LogMeIn/GoToMeeting website is being digitally revamped and has already accomplished a 20% increase in total software purchases. Kristin joined the company nearly two years ago as a Senior Manager and grew into her current leadership role.

Alison Starrett
Alison Starrett
Director, Search Engine Optimization

Alison Starrett is the Director of Search Engine Optimization at LogMeIn. She's been with the company for just under two years. Prior, Alison was the Vice President of Search Marketing at Digitas North America, a Program Manager of SEO at Staples, and a Manager of Search Marketing at DigitasLBi_US.

Kate Gregorio
Kate Gregorio
Manager, Web Content Strategy

Kate Gregorio is the Manager of Web Content Strategy at LogMeIn. She's been with the company for four years, growing from a Senior Web UX Designer into her current role. Kate specializes in using data-driven design and marketing psychology to optimize conversions for B2B and B2C sites. She has experience in both eCommerce and lead generation.

Lisa Friedman
Lisa Friedman
Vice President, Web & eCommerce

Lisa Friedman is the Vice President of Web & eCommerce at LogMeIn. She leads a fearless team of 70+ web marketers, product owners, UX/UI designers, SEO, and engineers who drive the business strategy, results/P&L, organic search, A/B testing, funnel & conversion optimization, and end-to-end customer experience for LogMeIn's 13+ web properties. Lisa joined the company in July of 2020 after serving as the Associate Vice President of Web Marketing, Development & eCommerce at RingCentral.