I started my career in television production and then in technical recruiting. About two years out of college, I found Software Engineering, switched careers again, and have been in this field for 5 years now. Something that I learned from the get-go was that experiencing Imposter Syndrome is normal and widespread, especially in this field. However, I often felt that I was on my own in figuring out how to actually combat those imposter thoughts.

A couple of years into my engineering career, I remembered Carol Dweck's research on Growth Mindset from studying Psychology in college. Over time, I've begun to leverage Growth Mindset habits and found myself more comfortable in the unknown of each new challenge, even when I feel Imposter Syndrome thoughts creep up.

In this chat, I want you to walk away with:

  • What a Growth versus Fixed Mindset is
  • Specific tips to foster Growth Mindset thoughts and habits
  • How a Growth Mindset can help you in your career

Meet The Speaker

Jackie Feminella
Jackie Feminella
Senior Frontend Engineer at Guru
Jackie Feminella is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Guru, a Knowledge Management solution based in Philadelphia. She started her career in Technical Recruiting for an Advertising Technology startup before she learned to code, and transitioned into Software Engineering.


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