Diversity Reboot Summit

All Things Product Management with Bosky Mukherjee

This event has ended. You can watch the recording here.
All Things Product Management with Bosky Mukherjee

Are you looking to pivot into Product Management? If so, Bosky Mukherjee, Founder of PMDojo, is here to answer any questions you may have about starting as a PM. Motivated by bringing diversity into the world of tech, she set out to build a learning community that connects product enthusiasts to mentorship. They achieve this by starting at the root cause: breaking down systemic barriers.

Meet The Speaker

Bosky Mukherjee
Bosky Mukherjee
Founder PMDojo

Bosky Mukherjee is passionate about making tech more inclusive and accessible. She brings over 20 years of experience in product and tech. Bosky has been a Hiring Manager and a Product Executive and loves nurturing the next generation of talent in tech.

She is the Founder of PMDojo, a diverse learning community with a unique Product Accelerator that helps Aspiring Product Managers and career transitioners break into and grow in product roles.

Bosky is also a mom and a wife and currently lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada and enjoys the precious moments of motherhood, life, and work.

PMDojo’s mission is to break down barriers and make tech and specifically careers in product more inclusive and accessible. PMDojo is a unique learning community built by Hiring Managers and Sr. Product Leaders from some top tech companies to help those looking to break or transition into product roles. PMDojo's Product Accelerator (part-time, virtual program) essentially, teams you up with diverse teams to solve real problems and in 10 weeks, you ship a real product (NOT a prototype) all while you are learning in an extremely interactive and immersive way from industry leaders. We have 3 unique tracks for different learning styles. Our next cohort starts soon and spots are filling up. Check it out here -