Diversity Reboot Summit

Claves Para Lograr la Mejor Entrevista (También Virtual!)

This event has ended. You can watch the recording here.
Claves Para Lograr la Mejor Entrevista (También Virtual!)
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¡Prepárate para triunfar en tu próxima entrevista! Marina Zucchini, Career Coach en PowerToFly, y psicóloga con más de 15 años trabajando en gestión de talento, responderá a las preguntas más frecuentes a la hora de enfrentar una entrevista laboral. Descubre los mejores consejos para demostrar tus habilidades, hablar de tu experiencia de manera impactante y conseguir el trabajo de tus sueños.

Meet The Speaker

Marina Zucchini
Marina Zucchini
Career Coach ✨ Onboarding Manager at PowerToFly ✨ DEI

Strong supporter of women empowerment, promoting actions for diversity and inclusion that help build awesome communities. I also offer career coaching, training and consulting services to individuals and companies who are committed to making a social impact and building a more inclusive and loving world for everyone.

I'm a lifelong learner, psychologist and certified coach with +15 years of experience in HR and talent management, who seeks to be a vital, contributing partner to the world community by helping individuals fulfill their career aspirations, providing guidance and fostering connections. Strong advocate for human rights, diversity, inclusion and gender equality. My passion is to seek, meet and attract talented individuals to their dream job, coach and facilitate the development of their potential to help them find their purpose and advance in their careers.

I'm an open-minded mom of 2 beautiful children who teach me everyday about neurodiversity and what makes each of us so unique.