Question by Paul
asked on 2022-12-05

Hello! I graduated from college with a major in Comp Sci and minor in Video Game Development. I had trouble getting a job in the Video Game Industry after applying to hundreds of jobs, so I have resorted to a city job where I live. I am trying to write games while creating YouTube/Twitch content on the side. How do you recommend that I can get more into the Video Game Industry while not actively in school for it or seeking a job? My primary goals are to work as a writer/game designers/character designer in the field. I am also still in contact with fellow students to work on games with one another to grow our portfolios. Should I continue down this path or move in another direction to help my career in the Video Game Industry? Can I incorporate a better brand for myself and unifying my portfolio combined with my YouTube/Twitch brand even if my YouTube/Twitch brand is more entertainment than professional?