Question by Melissa, Product designer
asked on 2020-09-20

Not sure if this is on topic, but I’m interviewing with a startup that has a role for Manager/Lead, but the set & scope of responsibilities is more in line with a Director level position (I’ve pulled several job descriptions from other companies to compare). They are expecting this role to grow the team and lead work (totally in line with that title), but the also be the functional head for that discipline; establish process, vision, and partner with other heads of cross functional teams and cover all 3 product teams. I already inquired a bit about this role’s growth potential, and the hiring manager said it could grow into a Director level. Should I drop it as an issue or try to indicate that I think the current role is not leveled appropriately? I was planning on circling back around to the HM to ask more specific level questions, what he’s sees as the difference between this level and Director, what it would take to get there (timeline & measurement), and was hoping to decide on how much to push for an adjustment based on his answer. I feel like the nuance is in them being a startup and being uneducated about my particular field (Design). Extra info: I currently am at Manager/Lead level.