Question by Lauren, Writer
asked on 2019-07-16

How do you deal with fear, uncertainty and just a year's worth of terrible luck? For the record, I am a technical writer and that's a position I want to stay in. I got laid off from my technical writing job of 2 years in September 2018. I got a wonderful contract job in October but it had to end in January. It took me a while to find another job and that next permanent job was horrendous. My boss was awful and I had to leave after two months for the sake of my mental health. This was the first time that happened. All my previous bosses adored me. I've been through multiple rounds of job interviews at 4 companies recently, but I'm not getting as many responses as I'd like and I just feel like I'll get to the end of an interview process and then have to backtrack and go back to square one because I didn't get it.