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Exclusive RE-EMPOWER Webinar on United Technologies' Return to Work Program

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Exclusive RE-EMPOWER Webinar on United Technologies' Return to Work Program
58 minutes
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Are you looking to return to work after a career break? If so, the team at PowerToFly would like to invite you and a select group of engineers to an exclusive webinar to learn more about United Technologies exciting and innovative Re-Empower Program.

Experienced professionals sometimes take a career break for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Returning to work after an absence of two or more years can seem daunting. To help with this transition, United Technologies' Re-Empower Program is designed specifically to help you bring your knowledge, experience and creativity back to the workforce. We see your potential and want to help you to continue your professional journey.

To qualify for the Re-Empower Program, candidates should:

- Be on a voluntary career break of two or more years

- Have more than five years of professional work experience

- Have an interest in returning to a full-time position

- Have strong problem-solving and analytical skills

- For engineering roles, an engineering-related degree is required.

Find out how to apply for one of the many positions United Technologies has across the country. Along with a behind-the-scenes look at some of the many products United Technologies is responsible for, the United Technologies team will leave time to answer questions about their culture, the workload and a full introduction into United Technologies' new Re-Empower program.

Speakers include:

- Dr. J. Michael McQuade - SVP, Science & Technology, United Technologies (United Technologies Re-Empower Program Executive Sponsor)

- Mary Lombardo - VP Innovation and Research, United Technologies Climate, Controls, and Security

- Bridget Sheriff, Executive Director, Engineering, United Technologies Aerospace

- Milena Berry - CEO, co-founder & mom of four, PowerToFly (moderator)