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Amplifying Black Voices @ Autodesk

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Amplifying Black Voices @ Autodesk
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Go inside the Autodesk Black Network, and learn how they’d support you, too.

✨ Community. Mentorship. Representation. These are the unifying threads of the Autodesk Black Network (ABN), a pillar of Autodesk’s Employee Resource Group program. Autodesk is building a culture where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive. And by amplifying Black voices in the workplace, they’re driving impactful business results, including increased revenue + retention.

🗣️ During an interactive virtual event, a panel of Autodesk Black Network members shared how ABN supports the employee experience by making members feel seen and heard — and creating a sense of belonging.

  • 3:00 PM ET/ 12:00 PM PT - PowerToFly Kickoff
  • 3:05 PM ET/ 12:05 PM PT - Welcome & Keynote Address from Cordero Davis, Senior Manager, Global Employee Resource Groups
  • 3:15 PM ET/ 12:15 PM PT - Panel Discussion & Audience Q+A featuring:
  • 3:55 PM ET/ 12:55 PM PT - Closing Remarks from PowerToFly
  • 4:00 PM ET/ 1:00 PM PT - Event Concludes

About Autodesk: From the greenest buildings to the cleanest cars, from the smartest factories to the biggest stories, amazing things are created every day with Autodesk. Over four decades, they’ve worked together with their customers to transform how things are made, and in doing so, have transformed what can be made. A car’s performance now inspires the method of its manufacture, a city’s infrastructure helps predict the unpredictable, and the creation of ever-bigger universes shapes ever-bigger stories.

Today, Autodesk’s solutions span countless industries empowering innovators everywhere. But they’re restless to do more. They don’t believe in waiting for progress, they believe in making it. By combining and recombining technologies. By blurring boundaries, reinventing rules, and merging fields. By unleashing talent and unlocking insights across industries. By helping customers converge on solutions to the challenges we all face today. At Autodesk, they believe that when you have the right tools to work and think flexibly, you have the power to transform what actually needs making. The power to design and make a better world for all. Check them out on Instagram HERE.

About PowerToFly: PowerToFly is a women-run platform that works with companies to identify skilled professionals for networking and recruiting opportunities. Over the past few years, we’ve produced 1,500+ events across the world with brands like Meta, Spotify, Microsoft, and Deloitte, resulting in countless hires.

About PowerToFly’s Events: All RSVP’d attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require assistance to participate, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

→ PowerToFly cannot admit outside recruiters to this event. Please email if you have any questions about this policy.

Meet The Speakers

Cordero Davis
Cordero Davis
Senior Manager, Global Employee Resource Groups

Cordero Davis is a global DE&I practitioner who has spent the past decade building an inclusive culture for top Silicon Valley organizations like Airbnb, Facebook, and He has led and scaled employee resource groups in more than 200 offices across the globe and traveled to more than 50 countries. With experience living in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, he's been able to impact more than 100,000+ employees through innovative diversity and inclusion solutions, increasing representation for historically underserved communities worldwide.

Now leading the global employee resource group strategy for Autodesk as the Head of Global Employee Resource Groups, Cordero is a proud HBCU graduate, published author, and world traveler. Cordero's philosophy is that in inclusive world creates a better world.

Avonda Anderson
Avonda Anderson
Senior Partner Manager

Former NBA champion now working at Autodesk in the PSET org as a Sr. Platform Partner Manager for just a little over a year. I provide 3rd party vendor management and operational support for Developer Enablement. I am the Supplier Diversity Program Executive Sponsor for PSET and Autodesk Gallery Tour Ambassador.

Chanda Foucher
Chanda Foucher
CSM Process Adoption Lead

After working in multiple industries in Consulting and Operations Management, Chanda Foucher joined Autodesk as a Process Adoption Lead (PAL) on the Enterprise Customer Success Business Operations team. This role combines a variety of functions to support new program launches, process improvement, knowledge management, change management, and enablement. In addition to her role as a PAL, Chanda also serves on the board of the Autodesk Black Network.

In her free time, Chanda enjoys communicating with emojis and visiting friends all around the globe. Having lived on five continents, Chanda is happiest exploring new places and collecting as many life experiences as possible.

Jewels Wall
Jewels Wall
Associate Technical Support Specialist, AutoCAD

This is my first year with Autodesk, a part of our Customer Technical Success Team for AutoCAD products.

I am grateful to work in such a productive environment where we are encouraged to live authentically and where our career growth is fully supported.

Before I am anything, I am a mother. Autodesk helps me be the best mom I can be with a healthy work-to-life balance and support in all areas of career growth.

Having communities within a large global entity, such as Autodesk Black Network, helps to network with people who might have similar life experiences and provide career mentorship too.