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Supporting Your Fellow Parents' Transition to Remote Work

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Supporting Your Fellow Parents' Transition to Remote Work
1 hours 3 minutes
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As schools across the nation close, and the majority of businesses mandate remote work, working parents are now faced with the ultimate challenge - how to balance their families and jobs under one roof while COVID-19 still remains a concern.

PowerToFly is brought thought-leading professionals (and working moms!) to speak about balancing our new realities and how to best optimize your time at home. In this panel, we discussed maneuvering the difficulties of working from home from taking conference calls to juggle homeschooling/ childcare.

We welcomed our attendees children, partners and pets are to join this virtual chat!

Our attendees joined us for this live Q&A to learn new tips, strategies, and hear personal anecdotes from our panelists that have shaped these women into the incredible founders and mothers they are today. They had the opportunity to ask questions during our free, virtual conversation!