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A Virtual Event with the Leaders of Surescripts Making a Nationwide Impact

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A Virtual Event with the Leaders of Surescripts Making a Nationwide Impact
1 hours 36 minutes
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Healthcare technology is an ever-changing, complex industry, which is consistently in demand, now more than ever. We hosted an inspiring virtual event to learn from some of Surescripts female leaders and male allies as they shared a glimpse into what it’s like to work for Surescripts - the nation’s most connected health information network. We discussed Surescripts’ purpose, place in the healthcare market, product highlights and answered attendees questions.


  • 5:00 PM ET - PowerToFly Kickoff
  • 5:05 PM ET - Keynote & Welcome Address from Michelle Trombetta, Director of Product Innovation
  • 5:10 PM ET - Product Demonstration
    • Monica Ingudam, Senior Product Analyst
  • 5:20 PM ET - Panel Discussion & Audience Q&A
    • Monica Ingudam, Senior Product Analyst
    • Eric Kirchstein, Software Development Manager
    • Andrea Thomsen, Enterprise Data Services Manager
    • Michelle Trombetta, Director of Product Innovation
  • 5:55 PM ET - Closing Remarks
  • 6:00 PM ET - Optional Breakout Sessions Begin
  • 6:30 PM ET - Event Concludes

Want to make a positive impact in healthcare? Surescripts is hiring.

Not to mention, a career with Surescripts means joining a team that values diversity and inclusion. They hire genuinely awesome people with many different personalities, backgrounds and talents that create a work culture that encourages individuals to be themselves, share ideas, work their way and feel like they belong. They provide competitive pay and benefits including health insurance, 401K, a corporate bonus program, and paid time away from work. Plus, they offer lots of ways to grow, learn, and build community. To learn more about Surescripts’ values and company benefits, visit their page here.

About Surescripts: At Surescripts, the company purpose is to serve the nation with the most trusted and capable health information network, built to increase patient safety, lower costs, and ensure quality care. Together with all participants in the Surescripts Network Alliance, they are transforming interactions between clinicians, pharmacists and patients, and making a profound impact on some of the nation’s most pressing healthcare issues.

About PowerToFly: PowerToFly is a women-run startup that works with companies to identify skilled professionals they’d like to network with. Over the past two years, we’ve produced over two hundred virtual and in-person events across the world with brands like American Express, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Slack, which have resulted in countless hires. Visit to learn more.

About PowerToFly’s Events: All RSVP’d attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age.

Meet The Speakers

Monica Ingudam
Monica Ingudam
Senior Product Analyst, Surescripts
Eric Kirchstein
Eric Kirchstein
Software Development Manager, Surescripts
Andrea Thomsen
Andrea Thomsen
Enterprise Data Services Manager, Surescripts
Michelle Trombetta
Michelle Trombetta
Director of Product Innovation, Surescripts