Trying to break into UX and having a tough time? Is the constant rejection just too much to handle? Are you lost from navigating an unfamiliar career field? I’ve been there myself and now I’m here to pass my experience on to you!

Whether you’re a new graduate of a traditional design program, fresh off a boot camp, or trying to turn a side hustle into your next career, this chat is for you. You’ll get some practical advice, lessons I’ve learned, and my best tips to get your foot in the door of your next opportunity! Your questions will help direct the conversation, so make sure to submit them at registration or anytime before this chat.

You will leave this conversation with:

  • Actionable steps you can take to land your next great job
  • An understanding of how to best position yourself in the UX job market
  • Ways to network effectively and efficiently
  • Key questions for evaluating a prospective employer/company

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Meet The Speaker

Sarah Merlin
Sarah Merlin

Visionary design + product leader with a proven ability to excel by working cross-functionally in product-focused organizations. Knack for relationship building and problem-solving challenging situations. Demonstrated ability to build teams and mature UX + Product practices within organizations, all while coaching and mentoring others. Passionate about working at the intersection of technology and design for disruption.


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