Let’s face it. Forming connections virtually is not as easy as sitting face-to-face with your friends or coworkers!

That being said, I like to think we’ve found innovative ways to keep authentic connections alive, despite the pandemic.

Join me for an exclusive take on how Moody’s Corporation is leveraging technology to make a world of social distancing feel smaller and more intimate. We’re changing the dialogue between employees, managers and leaders to create a more authentic and courageous organization—and now, I want to share our techniques with you.

You will walk away from this chat with:

  • Ideas you can implement to make your colleagues and employees feel more connected
  • Strategies for building a more united workplace

Meet The Speaker

Shavit Bar-Nahum
Shavit Bar-Nahum
Shavit Bar-Nahum is the Senior Vice President, Leadership Development at Moody’s Corporation. In her role, she runs the Leadership Academy, focused on enabling our leaders with the critical skills they need for today and the tomorrow. Shavit is primarily responsible for overseeing and implementing a number of talent, leadership, and employee development training programs as well as coaching and assessment across the organization.


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