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Become your own ICON

Become your own ICON

In these times of change and uncertainty we can either choose to adapt and grow or stay stuck. The world is giving us an opportunity to look inwards, align and tap into how we want to show up and who we want to be.

And there is no better time than right NOW to get clear on how you want to show up from the inside out, from your mindset, confidence and style to fully own the skin you’re in and live your magnetic life.

Become more CONFIDENT and READY to show up as the magnetic woman you were born to be.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • Ways to boost your confidence to propel forward
  • Ways to align and cultivate your style
  • Tap into who you want to become

It’s time to take action and step in your magnetic power and become you own ICON

Meet The Speaker

Lou Stokes
Lou Stokes
Style Consultant | Confidence Coach | Speaker | Podcaster

Lou is a Style Consultant & Confidence Coach, published author and international speaker.

She dedicates her time to helping women fall in love with themselves, exude self confidence to truly transform their mindset and style to become the magnetic woman they were born to be. As an adventurous and independent soul, Lou has lived and worked in various different countries, Australia, USA, Europe and Asia.

Lou is unique and creative in her ways and has the ability to move between many different worlds with integrity. Lou is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor and a published author of Boney & I, Ustrasana, Anorexia and the lost apple core which is available on Amazon.

She collaborates with Luxe City guides as a Style expert and have been featured in various wellness, lifestyle and style publications and podcasts such as Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Sustain the glow, Luxe City Guides, Brand Fabulous, Poise to Shine, She hit Refresh, Women developing Brilliance, To Inspire travel and many more.