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Srujna: Unlocking the Power of Indian Women

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Srujna: Unlocking the Power of Indian Women
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Srujna is empowering women from low-income communities across India. Learn more about how they are adapting in challenging times from handicrafts to a digital literacy model. We sit down in a 1:1 discussion with social-entrepreneur, Jyotika Bhatia, Co-founder and CEO, Srujna Charitable Trust.

Meet The Speaker

Jyotika Bhatia
Jyotika Bhatia
CEO and Co-founder of Srujna Charitable Trust

I am a social entrepreneur, passionate about creating an army of women workforce in India. With the belief that women have the power to transform communities at large, I strongly believe in heavily investing in women. Professionally I head Srujna, a not for profit transforming women's groups into enterprises that make and sell handmade products.

Prior to co-founding and leading Srujna, I worked as a lecturer at SNDT women's university where I came across the model of vocational education and training, short term courses leading to the creation of work opportunities. There I learnt and conceptualised the idea of having an NGO, creating work for women who have limited or no literacy and struggling to do full time fixed employment.

With a background in psychology and social entrepreneurship, my focus has been bringing sustainable change and to be a global changemaker.

My extensive love for traveling takes me far and wide to study social change models, increasing my depth of knowledge about the impact models across the globe.

Fortunately, I have won a lot of national and international recognition for my work at Srujna, which has given me insights and mentorship from world experts.