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Kickstart Your Year with Dell Technologies

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Kickstart Your Year with Dell Technologies
57 minutes
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Dell Technologies and PowerToFly invite you to an intimate virtual networking event.

During a 90-minute interactive session, you’ll learn about Dell’s upcoming projects, career opportunities, and work culture. We mean the honest, unfiltered truth that you can’t find on a company’s website.

Even more, Dell’s women leaders will share coveted advice to help you grow in your career and navigate a male-dominated work environment.

This free event is a fit for both job seekers and those simply looking to expand their network. If you’re open to new opportunities, Dell Technologies is hiring.

This event took place online Wednesday, January 13th from 12 PM - 1 PM ET (9 AM - 10 AM PT) plus optional networking sessions.
  • 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT - PowerToFly Kickoff
  • 12:05 PM ET / 9:05 AM PT - Welcome & Keynote Address from Jackie McKinley, Vice President, North America Field Sales
  • 12:20 PM ET / 9:20 AM PT - Panel Discussion Featuring:
    • Jackie McKinley, Vice President, North America Field Sales
    • Katie Skipsey, Director Sales Strategy and Planning, OneNA Inside Center of Excellence
    • Kim Tsakalos, Director, Program Management Office & Chief of Staff, Global Presales
    • Christine Wenzel, Senior Director, Midwest Commercial Sales
  • 12:55 PM ET / 9:55 AM PT - Closing Remarks from PowerToFly
  • 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT - Optional Networking Sessions
  • 1:45 PM ET / 10:45 AM PT - Event Concludes

About Dell Technologies: Dell Technologies is the leader in digital transformation, providing digital technology solutions, products, and services to drive business success. At their core is a commitment to diversity, sustainability, and their communities. Dell team members come from all backgrounds, religions, nationalities, gender orientations, and races. Their global business footprint includes operations in 180 countries, manufacturing in 25 locations, 40+ distribution and configuration centers, and 1,800+ service centers.

About PowerToFly: PowerToFly is a women-run startup that works with companies to identify skilled professionals they’d like to network with. Over the past few years, we’ve produced 1,000+ events across the world with brands like American Express, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Slack, which have resulted in countless hires.

About PowerToFly’s Events: All RSVP’d attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require assistance to fully participate in this event, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Meet The Speakers

Kim Tsakalos
Kim Tsakalos
Director, Program Management Office & Chief of Staff, Global Presales

Kim Tsakalos is the Director of Program Management Office & Chief of Staff within Global Presales at Dell Technologies. She is skilled in Dell EMC solution strategy, Microsoft collaboration tools, Management, and PreSales. Prior to Kim's current role, she was the Manager and Senior Program Manager of Global Presales Enablement Strategy at Dell EMC.

Katie Skipsey
Katie Skipsey
Director, Sales Strategy & Planning

Katie Skipsey is the Director of Sales Strategy and Planning, OneNA Inside Center of Excellence at Dell Technologies. She's been with the company for 5+ years, growing from a Senior Consultant of Global Operations & Finance into her current role. Prior, Katie was a Business Operations Manager at Velocity Electronics and the Director of Sales and Marketing at SBS.

Jackie McKinley
Jackie McKinley
Vice President, North America Field Sales

Jackie McKinley is the Vice President of North America Field Sales at Dell Technologies. She has over 30 years of sales experience in Information Technology leading global sales teams, commercial, healthcare, k-12, higher education and public sector sales teams. Currently, she's responsible for strategy and sales (with over $1.5B in revenue) for the go to market execution of PCs, Server, Storage, Cloud, Networking, Security and VMWare solutions across the Southeast with Dell Technologies. Jackie was selected as one of the Most Influential Women in Corporate America in 2019 by Savoy Magazine.

Christine Wenzel
Christine Wenzel
Senior Director, Midwest Commercial Sales

Christine Wenzel is the Senior Director of Midwest Commercial Sales at Dell Technologies. In her role as a leader of leaders, she's responsible for a high-performing sales organization of 32 sales professionals, as well as matrix responsibility to 30+ individuals. Christine has over 20 years of sales and operations experience, focused on technology and the customer experience. A few of her skills include C-level sales engagements, large opportunity negotiation, long-term relationship building, mentoring and personnel supervision.