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Indeed - The #1 Job Site

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world. With over 250 million unique visitors every month from over 60 different countries, we are the catalyst for putting the world to work. Intensely passionate about delivering the right fit for every hire, we can help companies of all sizes build their employer brand and hire the best talent.Stay Up to Date With Indeed On the Latest Updates on the Workforce. COVID-19 Employer Resources: Indeed is here to help employers keep their business running, navigate critical communication with employees and customers, and use Indeed's product suite to hire safely and remotely. Click the link to learn more about Indeed's resources related to COVID-19. Instantly Find Top Talent That is #readytowork Now! Indeed has added several more features to their products to help employers make new connections as fast and efficiently as possible. With their new product, job seekers can communicate with the tag #readytowork on their resumes to indicate that they are ready to start immediately. Employers can also easily identify which roles are remote. Click the link to learn more! Stay in Touch With Job Seekers With Indeed! Maintain a strong employer profile on Indeed that helps showcase your company culture to attract the right candidates. Visit here to learn the five best ways to keep in touch with job seekers. Attend One of Indeed's Virtual Hiring Events! Conduct interviews through video or phone without the limits of a physical location. See how virtual events work. A big thank you to Indeed for sponsoring the Diversity Reboot Summit! Learn more about Indeed's products and offerings, as well as receive the latest updates on workforce trends on indeed.com/lead. Fill out the form below to learn more about Indeed's products and services. Loading…

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Feel Closer Together Even When You're ApartSpark new connections and have fun together with Icebreaker! Icebreaker is an online engagement platform that helps facilitate a variety of virtual events that can be personalized for any occasion.Icebreaker believes in creating a truly happy place to work and sets the bar for remote culture. Their founders — a social-change technologist, an activist turned entrepreneur, and a community organizer — are leaders with a track record of success from Change.org, Obama for America, Hustle, the MIT Media Lab, and Facebook.How do you want to break the ice?Icebreaker offers a variety of templates to help you get started with hosting your virtual event. Icebreaker can help you....Host a virtual meet & greet! You can make valuable connections and learn what others in your community are up to. You can create games or come up with a list of get-to-know-you-questions to help the conversation flow. BYOB with a virtual happy hour. Gather with your closest pals or some new connections and play conversation games until you've smiled your faces off.Focus on your gratitude. Analyze the small things, or simply say thank you. Research shows that consciously focusing on gratitude can make a positive impact on the brain's ability to regulate stress and experience joy. Get the team together! Icebreaker offers a variety of templates to facilitate team building. In an era where the remote workplace is the new norm, it is more important than ever to connect with your colleagues.CREATE YOUR OWN! With the help of the experts at Icebreaker, you can create your own template for a virtual gathering. Browse through Icebreaker's library of games and activities if you need some extra inspiration.How to host your event on Icebreaker How to Host Your Event on Icebreaker www.youtube.com Want to Learn More?Icebreaker will be participating in the Product Expo, part of the Diversity Reboot Summit on June 15th. We look forward to seeing you there!Loading…

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Unite With TranslatorTranslator is on a mission to spread empathy and equality at scale. Translator was founded on the belief that the future of Diversity & Inclusion is data-driven and that technology can help us drive the change we need in the world.Translator built the world's first and only 360° platform for enterprise Diversity & Inclusion. Their products are designed to empower employees with bottom-up, real-time tools and resources while enabling management with top-down, data-driven solutions to drive change and measure results.That's why they built UNITY — the world's most advanced Diversity & Inclusion training system for corporations, schools and non-profits.What is UNITY?UNITY is changing how companies think about, prioritize, and deliver Diversity & Inclusion training. It's data driven, anonymous, and fun.Features and Benefits SAFE & INCLUSIVE - UNITY is 100% private and anonymous at all times so individuals can expressthemselves, ask questions, learn, and reflect on their own identity without fear.DIVERSITY & INCLUSION TEMPLATES - UNITY's Content Management System (CMS) allows session administrators to create and deliver real-time, digital exercises - all while using existing D&I curricula.MEASURABLE & DATA-DRIVEN - UNITY delivers real-time, de-identified data, enabling reflection and growth for participants while driving long-term D&I outcomes for management.How does it work? Check out Translator's product demo: Product Expo - Translator youtu.be Want to learn more? Fill out the form below, and join us at the Product Expo, part of the Diversity Reboot 2020 Summit, for a product demo of UNITY. We can't wait to see you there!

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Trail of Bits

They Don't Just Fix Bugs, They Fix SoftwareTrail of Bits combines high-end security research with a real-world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code. They take on difficult security challenges by designing and building new technology, researching new techniques, and reviewing the security of new tech products.They assist their clientele, ranging from Facebook to DARPA, with software assurance, security engineering, research & engineering, and hands-on training. Trail of Bits' has a deep expertise in reverse engineering, cryptography, virtualization, malware, and software exploits. According to their client's needs, they audit their client's products or networks and consult on the necessary modifications to secure deployment, or develop the features that close their security gaps. Trail of Bits ProductsCRYTICWHAT IT DOES: this GitHub app continuously assures your Ethereum smart contracts are safe and functional. The software reports build status on every commit, and also run a suite of security. THE PROCESS: once connected to your GitHub repository, Crytic will run its static analyzer to detect common vulnerabilities. It will run unit tests to ensure no functional bugs are added while your project is in development. It will also evaluate customer, application-specific security with Echidna. REPORTING: for every issue found, Crytic will present a detailed report of the bug with source-code highlighting.iVERIFY WHAT IT DOES: an app that monitors your device security, notifies you when an issue is detected, and provides actionable steps to take to mitigate risks. It checks your devices to ensure that they are as secure as can be. The app can also provide a security-checkup for your online accounts.THE PROCESS: The app will integrate into its own applications so that you can start receiving alerts for security risks.REPORTING: You will be notified by iVerify when there is a threat to you device or online account. iVerify will alert you and provide actionable advice.How does it work? Check out Trail of Bits' product demo: Product Expo - Trail of bits youtu.be Want to learn more?Visit Trail of Bits during our Product Expo, part of the Diversity Reboot 2020, to learn about the company, and watch live demos of their products. We can't wait to see you there!

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Words Move PeopleTextio is the inventor of augmented writing. Textio's data-fueled predictive engine generates highly effective writing that sounds like you. No more tortured minutes of staring at a blank page, struggling to find the perfect turn of phrase -- just jot down your thoughts, press the Tab key, and watch the words flow.Textio raises the standard for writing platforms: bias interruption that goes beyond gender, expanded language insights, and new integrations. The New TextioThe company's newest platform provides more integration, more inclusion, and more data. The platform focuses on providing your hiring teams with instant access to the most extensive and up-to-date language performance data in the industry -- in real time as they write. Features and Benefits WRITE MORE INSIGHTFUL AND INCLUSIVE HIRING CONTENT: Textio helps your whole team stop guessing and write thoughtful, inclusive, on-brand content quickly and confidently. Features include editing guidance, enhanced score data, and bias interruption beyond gender.EMPOWER YOUR TEAM WITH FASTER, INTEGRATED WORKFLOWS: Textio's central library brings your talent and brand content together and makes it a snap to review, approve, and publish. Features include new ATS integrations, Textio Flow smart content creation, one-click equal opportunity statements, centralized document sharing workflows.TRACK YOUR PROGRESS WITH DEEPER LANGUAGE ANALYTICS: Textio is the only writing platform that shows your hiring language compared to your competition. Features include team achievements dashboard, Textio competitive index, and coming soon -- language usage analytics.Click here to learn how Textio's augmented writing guidance expands to include both ageism and ableism. Client TestimonialsDirect Line Group recruiters felt empowered by Textio's platform to find inclusive, impactful language that aligns with the culture that they aim to create for their employees. The County of Los Angeles, the most populous county in the US, uses Textio's platform to craft the right message for their job posts. Read on to see how Textio helped the County of Los Angeles target the right candidates for their open roles.Procter & Gamble saw a 30% increase in the number of qualified applicants after deploying Textio's platform. How does it work? Check out Trail of Bits' product demo: Product Expo - Textio youtu.be Want to learn more?Learn how Textio writes with you to improve your hiring score. Textio will be presenting their platform live on June 15th from 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET at Product Expo, part of the Diversity Reboot Summit. Fill out the form below for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

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Matching People to Jobs, Accurately and Fairly pymetrics is a talent matching platform using behavioral data and ethical AI to help companies better understand their workforce, as well as make better and fairer people decisions. pymetrics' AI driven sorting engine provides solutions beyond just recruiting, powering various stages of the talent life-cycle, including internal mobility and workforce reskilling. What is pymetrics? What is pymetrics? (Official Video) www.youtube.com How can pymetrics enhance your talent process? pymetrics uniquely leverages behavioral data and artificial intelligence to enable their clients to identify their top performing candidates. Watch the video below to hear from the pymetrics team to learn how their platform can be integrated into their client's current systems to help improve efficiency, effectiveness, fairness, and the overall candidate experience. How can pymetrics enhance your talent processes? www.youtube.com Click the link below to hear from pymetrics CEO & Co-Founder, Frida Polli, on how pymetrics uses data science to make the hiring process more efficient. Meet the Startup Using A.I. to Solve the Complicated Hiring Process Meet the Startup Using A.I. to Solve the Complicated Hiring Process www.inc.com IMPROVE YOUR TALENT ACQUISITION Learn how pymetrics has made an impact during the COVID-19 pandemic to create a positive impact on the future of hiring. Why resumes won't work for the future of work - learn how pymetrics evaluates candidates on their cognitive, social, and emotional profiles -- not just by looking at past accomplishments. Ethics are essential - pymetrics' platform upholds fairness in their client's talent practices during these difficult times. Improve Digital Interviews - pymetrics' digital interview solution is now available for free! Their one-way video interview solution allows job seekers to record their responses to an employer's questions. Recruiters and hiring managers can then evaluate the videos with standardized metrics. Unlock Workforce Insightspymetrics can now share employee data that can improve the way that you understand their client's workforce DNA. Workforce Insights - pymetrics' leverages the data that they've collected through their behavioral science-based games to assess the cognitive, social, and emotional attributes of their client's workforce. The data can then be used to improve their client's workforce decisions. New Product Alert - Introducing Talent Marketplacepymetrics new one-of-a-kind solution matches individuals with their best fit roles.WHAT IT DOES: Helps redeploy displaced workers from one company into roles at another. Helps companies give employees new opportunities within the organization. Aids individuals in finding their next role, accurately and fairly. How does it work? Check out Pymetrics' product demo: Product Expo - Pymetrics youtu.be LEARN MORE ABOUT PYMETRICS DURING OUR PRODUCT EXPO Want to learn more? pymetrics will be presenting live on June 15th from 1:00pm - 2:00pm at our Product Expo, part of the Diversity Summit Reboot. Fill out the form below to sign up. We can't wait to see you online!

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