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The Path To Becoming A CTO

The Path To Becoming A CTO

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Do you have dreams of becoming a CTO!? Join us for a virtual Q&A with Geeta Chauhan, a 4-time CTO, innovator, and thought leader. She's answering all of your questions LIVE in this hour-long chat! 

You asked, she's answering:

  • What did your career path look like before becoming a CTO?
  • How did all of your CTO experiences differ?
  • What's the most important thing you've learned throughout your career?
  • & more! 


Geeta Chauhan is a CTO, Innovator and Thought Leader with 25 yrs of expertise in building resilient, anti-fragile, large scale distributed platforms with 1B+ users for startups and Fortune 500s. Built and launched 15+ platforms and countless applications based on AI/Deep Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, SDN, Micro-services, Self-healing, Elastic Scaling

Focusing these days on building AI, Deep Learning and Blockchain based platforms for startups. Passionate about using technology for good.

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