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Expanding Horizons: Open Source, Social Coding & Your Career

Expanding Horizons: Open Source, Social Coding & Your Career
May 22, 2019 03:00 PM EDT - May 22, 2019 04:00 PM EDT
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As technology is growing and changing every day, deciding where to focus your attention (or passion) as an engineer or developer can be completely overwhelming. Mary Anthony, a Documentation Engineer at Blockstack has worked for over nine startups in completely different industries, and is joining us to help answer your questions about life as an engineer and how you can grow your skills wherever the industry takes you!

You asked, she's answering:

  • How did you get started in your career? Any advice for those interested in pivoting careers?
  • How does open source play a role in your day-to-day?
  • What's the biggest blocker you've ever faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
  • & more!


Mary has co-founded a company, managed teams, developed documentation deployment infrastructure, written many tech docs, and designed user interfaces. She has worked for over nine startups in places like New York, California, Texas, and Germany. Her experience includes open source, clinical research, container technologies, security software, business intelligence software, source control software, and system administration.

In her spare time, Mary rides horses, runs trails, dances, and studies classical figure drawing. Recently, she began training her new, incredible horse Jack-Jack a three yo Hanoverian and completed a few passable drawings.


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Telling A Story With Your Code
Telling A Story With Your Code

Just as writers have ink and paper, code plays an analogous role in a developers' "story". Programming is storytelling. As with all stories, there are drafts and revisions, parts that are easier to write than others, and just like with your favorite novel, a few small changes can make a huge impact on the ending. Latisha McNeel, a Full-Stack Developer at G2i is joining us for an hour of live Q&A to answer your questions about how you can develop your own story through code. During this chat, you'll also have the opportunity to learn all about the open roles at G2i, tips for your application, and what they are looking for in their next hire! You asked, she's answering: Can you give us an example of using code to tell a story? How can I improve my storytelling? What's the biggest roadblock you've faced as a developer? MEET THE SPEAKER: Latisha McNeel is a Full-Stack Developer with a focus on front-end and user experience. In addition to her full-time coding job, she teaches the Full-Stack Flex Coding Bootcamp at the University of Texas at Austin in Houston. She has two cats and enjoys hiking, with plans to complete her first thru-hike later this year.

How To Be A Woman Leader In Sales
How To Be A Woman Leader In Sales

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